AMLO criticizes the attitude of Mexicans to the complaints of the United States and Canada on energy policy


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured that relations between the United States should not compromise the dignity and principles established by the Constitution and regretted that there was a submissive attitude and so much “traitor to the fatherland”

During his morning lecture, he criticized the criticism of his energetic policy as part of the consultations requested by Canada and the United States under the USMCA and accused that his adversaries seek Mexico to be sanctioned by foreign countries solely for defending its sovereignty over hydrocarbons.

Lily: ‘We will defend ourselves’, AMLO attributes complaints from the United States and Canada to a political issue

“What strikes me a lot is that there are so many traitors to the homeland in our country, that instead of defending Mexico, they defend the interests of foreign countries and companies, it’s incredible. The spirit of Santa Anna, of Porfirio Díaz, of Salinas de Gortari, but many people, especially in academia, with the pseudo-intellectuals, the experts, the internationalists, how they would like the foreigners to punish us”.

“We have a more respectful relationship with foreign governments than with these betrayals,” he said.

Will respond to complaints on September 16

López Obrador reiterated that there is no violation of the T-MEC and no commitments are breached.

“We are careful not to commit the oil, which led us to stop the negotiation for almost two weeks because the previous government had proposed a special chapter of the treaty delivering the oil, that’s clear.”

The President announced that during the September 16 military parade in the Zocaleor respond to claims from the United States and Canada.

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“We are not going to give in because it is a question of principles and it has to do with our sovereignty, it is difficult for organic intellectuals,” he said from Puerto Vallarta.

“Even when it would be commercially convenient for us to have a relationship with the United States, it is impossible for that relationship to be a matter of our dignity, our principles, what our Constitution establishes, that we are a independent, free, sovereign. country. What is happening is that there have been many years of neoliberal subjugation; they got used to kneeling just like the conservatives,” he said.

Canada and the United States have filed a formal complaint under the North American Trade Agreement (T-MEC) by consider that it hurts their businesses and benefits the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

Mexico’s economy ministry said in a statement that it had received the request for consultations and stressed that the Mexican government “expressed its willingness to reach a mutually satisfactory solution.”

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