After US Supreme Court ruling leaked, Canada offered to take in women seeking abortions

File Photo: Karina Gould, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Canada

Karine Gouldthe Minister of Families, Children and Social Development of the Canadian government told the press that American women who seek a legal abortion and who have difficulties in their own country, can seek treatment in the neighboring country at the north.

In an interview with the News Network CDC of Canada, as part of the program power and politics, Gould was asked if they would allow US citizens to use Canada’s public health services for abortions.

I don’t see why not. If they, as people, come here and need access, that’s certainly a service we can provide.“, firmly indicated the minister of the government of the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

File photo: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
File photo: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Gould’s statement comes after leaked an opinion from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, in which he suggests the court would be willing to overturn a decision approved in 1973, that of the famous Roe v. Wade, who legalized abortion in the United States. Although the new Supreme Court decision is not yet known, it is assumed that the decision will give states more freedom to decide what to do with issues such as abortion.

Alito’s opinion points out that Roe’s decision is dubious and “extremely wrong from the outset” because his reasoning is “exceptionally weak”. The opinion argues that the nearly 40-year-old decision had “harmful consequences” dividing the country into pro-abortion states and anti-abortion states, depriving state authorities of the power to regulate on this issue.

Protests outside the Supreme Court of Justice building in the US capital
Protests outside the Supreme Court of Justice building in the US capital

In recent years, several states, such as Texas and Florida, have approved local laws that further restrict access to abortion.

Many hope that if the Roe v. Wade, then a dozen states – the vast majority of which are Republican-leaning – immediately pass even more restrictive abortion laws. In more progressive states, abortions should remain legal without too many restrictions.

The Canadian Prime Minister himself got involved in the matter as soon as Alito’s opinion was known and indicated on social networks his support for women’s freedom of choice.

The right to choose is a woman’s right and belongs only to her. Every woman in Canada has the right to access a safe and legal abortion. We will never back down from protecting and promoting women’s rights in Canada and around the world.Trudeau wrote.

states like California They have taken a similar stance to Canada, indicating to their authorities that they are examining the options they have to serve women who do not live in the state if they seek to have a legal and safe abortion.


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