After the “oh how scary!” from AMLO, Concamin asks for “seriousness” to resolve disputes with the United States and Canada

The dispute over Mexican energy policy that began United States Yes Canada against Mexico must be resolved more seriously by the national government, said the president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamine), José Abugaber Andonia.

For the leader of the industrialists, there must be formality in the responses of the Mexican authority to the counterparts of the treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (USMCA).

Referring to Chico Che’s song “oh how scary!” who put the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorAbugaber Andonie asserted: “I think the formality is the important part, there is no need from our point of view, to reach strategic songs or themes, I think in the end the decision that the president, he is the president, he will take it and he will know what to do.

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He explained that the Mexican government must respect the commitments it made in the T-MEC and added: “We cannot violate things on treaty issues, there is a law, it must be respected and it must be executed.”

Above all, he considered it important to be formal in the case of Mexico’s main trading partner and added: “If 80% of this country’s exports go to the United States, it must be taken care of, that is my proposal. , we take care of how to handle international relations with all countries, not just the United States.

For the president of Concamin, it is obvious that “there are already problems” from the United States, therefore without accepting the threats and taking care of the sovereignty As a country, “we must respect the rules of the trade agreement that Mexico signed and to which Mexico is committed”.

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In an interview at the end of the inauguration of the Latin American Coatings Show 2022, Abugaber Andonie said that inflation could continue for two years, “we are already worried about having an inflation of 8%, we are already worried , to now have two -digit rate, of course, we will worry.”

He said that despite the increase in input prices “the businessmen did not transfer the total of the inflation that we had real, on the costs and we helped and contributed”.

“Today, for example, the inflation of the raw materials emissions has increased by almost 11%, and the inflation is at 8%, which means that we, the industrialists, we subsidize a part, if it can still be lowered, that’s good, but we can’t. generate profits either,” he explained.

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Besides the inflation He said insecurity is another issue putting pressure on industrialists as insurance policies show increases.

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