After meeting Trudeau, Boric calls on businessmen to invest with “Canadian standards” of respecting the environment

In the Canadian capital, Ottawa, President Gabriel Boric began his tour of North Americaan opportunity where one of the main activities was a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeauwhere they agreed that the only way for countries to achieve sustainable development is through inclusive growth.

Trudeau pointed out that “Canada and Chile have a long positive relationship and we reaffirm it today with so much instability in the world, the challenges of the pandemic and the fight against climate change”. He also said that “it is good news for Canada to have a partner on the other side of the continent”. He said “as we recover from the pandemic, we are both focused on building economies that create jobs and opportunity for all.”

The nod to Sutil and the informal dinner with Trudeau, among the anecdotes of the start of Boric’s tour in North America

The Canadian Prime Minister said that “For 25 years, the FTA has provided opportunities for businesses and workers and we hope to continue on this path, committed to creating new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs by helping us find new markets and guarantee competitiveness, but we have to make sure it’s for everyone.”

When asked if the constitutional process and the changes that are promoted with a new government have an impact on confidence for investments in Chile, Trudeau indicated that “it is a decision of the Chilean people” and added that “The world is changing and we must ensure that our institutions and our democracies can keep pace with these changes and this is to recognize the fight against climate change and that economic growth benefits everyone. This is the only way to build a solid future and country.

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Boric said “we share the fight for inclusive growth, respecting and believing in science to address the climate crisis and work together on environmentally sustainable development initiatives.”

He indicated that “We have had an agreement for 25 years that we want to continue to deepen and that Canadian companies will continue to work and generate value in our country and we have told the Prime Minister that we hope they will do so with the standards Canadian.”

That is to say, he explained, “What is asked in Canada, we want to ask also in Chile, we want to raise environmental standards, we want to generate inclusive growth and development and for this we will work together”.

Regarding TPP-11, Chancellor Antonia Urrejola and Economy Minister Nicolás Grau stressed that the issue was not discussed during the meeting between Boric and Trudeau.

Next Boric met with representatives of Canadian companies with investments in Chile at the Canadian Council for the Americas, an occasion in which he called for continued confidence in our country and to generate business and investment opportunities. He also explained the reforms he hopes to carry out as part of his government programme.

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