A woman in Canada diagnosed as the first person sick from climate change

The effects of climate change are increasingly a frequent reality in daily life around the world. Although many join together to deny the existence of this phenomenon, the consequences of pollution, deforestation, the degradation of maritime ecosystems, the melting of the poles, among others, are images that invade daily news.

Although many countries experience these effects first hand with seas of waste and pollution, this time, Canada was the first to send the world a warningmaking it one of the first known cases in the world in which a person is diagnosed with a disease believed to be a consequence of global warming.

According to reports from medical authorities in that country, the heat waves experienced in the middle of this year, in addition to air pollution, caused a deterioration in the health of a seventy-year-old woman in Nelson, a city in British Columbia.

The diagnosis was made by Dr. Kyle Merritt. This man is the one who asserted that climate change was responsible for the deterioration of the health of Canadians. It seems, this woman had problems with diabetes, asthma and heart failure; for Dr. Merritt, the conditions in which this woman is not the bestNot having access to air conditioning and not being able to hydrate enough, she joined the victims of the heat waves.

It should be remembered that this phenomenon which affected the north of the continent, and even reached the countries of northern Europe; in British Columbia, Canada, claimed the lives of more than 233 people with a surge of around 50 degrees Celsius, according to international media France 24.

For this Canadian, not having timely access to an assistance center, nor access to frequent sources of hydration, did not kill herself like her other compatriots, but it made her Your condition will worsen. This led Dr. Merritt to diagnose her as the first woman to fall ill from climate change..

After this diagnosis, doctors in the province of British Columbia launched a program that aims to fight against climate change to preserve the health of people, who, in addition to the environment, are directly affected.

Doctors + Nurses for Planetary Health, in Spanish Doctors and Nurses for Planetary Health, is called the initiative of these health professionals.

“We are health professionals from the Kootenays (a region of the Canadian province) who work to improve human health while protecting the planet,” the group of doctors explains on its website. Moreover, they use this medium to describe their feelings about these planetary changes that threaten human beings.

“This summer, our patients have experienced extreme weather events such as heat dome, drought and severe wildfires. Record temperatures exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in June and air pollution from wildfires reached 43 times the amount of safe levels in July and August. Health or social work professionals support the cause .

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