A woman denounces having made him get off the plane because of the weight of her breasts

(CRHoy.com).-A woman in Canada reported 2 days ago that before taking off on a flight to Dallas, USA, she was approached by one of the air hostesses, who told him to get off the plane; they told her they were taking her down because she was wearing headphones while the crew gave the safety instructions, The woman alleges that it all happened because of her breasts, which weigh over 10 kilos.

The affected is a influencer Canadian known as Mary Magdalene, denounced on his Instagram profile that the real reason for being removed from the plane, It was because she was wearing an exercise top, which showed off her cleavage.

“Obviously (referring to his bust) is why they fired me, because I seemed too explicit, but it’s not legal so they must have said it was because he was sleeping and I did not listen to her”, denounced in her post the influencer.

There was controversy in the publicationon the one hand, there were those who supported the woman, and, on the other, there were those who thought that maybe Marie could be drunkand that this occasion would not be the first time they heard him having a similar incident.

The woman rose to fame for spending over $150,000 on plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments which includes implants in her breasts and buttocks; as well as her lip augmentation and the tattoos she wears all over her body.

“It is not right to choose who the rules apply to based on appearance or body type. Discrimination of any kind is not a pleasant feeling for anyone. If a girl with small breasts wore the exact same thing, she wouldn’t say anything.continued the passenger with her complaint.

Mary strongly asserted that she was discriminated against because of her physical appearance, and that far from being a victim of it, she I wanted to expose what usually happens every day because it does not fit into the canons of traditional beauty.

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