A Marvel Avenger appeared in the Malcolm in the Middle series

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During the malcolm in the middle series (Malcolm in the middle), various celebrities have appeared who are now successful in Hollywood, in this case, Jeremy Renner who we saw bring Hawkeye to life or also known as Hawk Eye in the Avengers saga, He made a short appearance in this series.

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The sitcom sequence created by Canadian producer and screenwriter Linwood Boomer, kept many generations glued to television for this great comedy series that was created in January 2000broadcasting over 6 years, 151 episodes on the Fox network.

Jeremy Renner, who appeared in the first chapter of the series, with a short role as a policeman who had Francis arrested for a crime he had committed. In fact, in this episode, they show us The story of Francis’ vandalism that was reason enough so that his parents send him to military school.

What other celebrities have appeared in the Malcolm series?

You may not remember this, but in one chapter, Emma Stone played a girl who loves dolls and plastic babies. Louis gets revenge on her for playing a prank on Reese.

Octavia Spencer appeared as a cashier a supermarket; Jennet McCurdy appeared on the show when Louis imagined what his life would be like if he only had girls as daughters. And the list goes on with least expected celebrities.

This wonderful avengerdespite had a very brief appearance and almost imperceptible the series Malcolm in the middle, It never ceases to amaze for all the years we’ve watched the show without realizing it.

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