A factory in Canada wants to hire Mexican workers (no English or French)

A company of CanadaDedicated to manufacture of acoustic and ventilation boxesYou search Mexican workers work in its factory located in the province of Quebec.

The vacancy is completely legal. Canada has an agreement with the Mexican government to recruit workers and they advertise the offers in the Job portalbelonging to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Activities to do in Canada

Those hired to work in Canada will be dedicated to manufacture of metal drawersassembly and screwing of the different parts

“The worker will mainly be busy screwing steel panels, installing acoustic silencers with a forklift, sliding the silencers into boxes and securing them with screws. It is essential that due to the working environment, you do not have allergies to dust or any other material”, they specify.

Some workers will also have to relocate 23 kg boxes and operate overhead cranes.

In exchange for the work, the factory offers a monthly salary of 30,000 pesos. Employment is Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There is Canadian law and contractual benefits for an indefinite period.

You have until March 31 to apply. in this link.

Requirements to get a job in Canada

– Completed high school.

Minimum experience of 6 months andn handle a hammer, drill, screwdriver, knife and pliers.

-Good physical condition to work standing up and lift boxes of 23 kilos.

– Experience driving a forklift.

-Experience in overhead crane operation (active).

– People who are proactive, committed, know how to work in a team and adapt to change are sought.

It is not necessary to speak English or French.

How to apply to work in Canada?

Interested persons should apply for the job posting in this link from the Job Portal preferably before March 31, 2022. Mexican Addiction will review your resume and experience. Subsequently, they will present a selection of candidates to the company and those selected will be auditioned for the final phase, which is the signing of the contract.

The company and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare are involved in the management of work permitsthe delivery of plane tickets and the definition of work start dates.

The Mexican government can place eligible citizens in jobs in canada through the Work Abroad Program of the National Employment Service. When there are vacancies, they are published on the page. https://www.empleo.gob.mx/trabajo-en-el-extranjero.

The Canadian government has announced that in 2021 it welcomed the highest number of immigrants in its entire history. This year, Justin Trudeau’s administration met its goal of granting permanent residency to 401,000 people.

Canada has set this immigration target to recruit foreign talent and support post-pandemic recovery. This surpassed the previous record from 1913 for the most newcomers to Canada in one year.

By 2022, the country aims to receive up to 420.00 permanent residents; primarily through economic immigration and family reunification programs.

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