A couple denounces discrimination in a shopping center

A couple said they were discrimination victim in the Reforma 222 shopping center, because they were asked to remove the poster they used during the June 18 Lencha march.

According to the young women, who took to their Twitter account to denounce the act, they entered the place to go to the bathroom and eat something before going home, when a mall security guard told them to keep their sign down.

“Just support me on this, lower your poster, I have no problem,” the man told him.

The security guard told her that he didn’t care about her preferences, but that the establishment did not allow such demonstrations.

“It’s the regulations, there can’t be a type of expression because it’s a private place.”

The poster of the young women said the word “love”, with the symbol of the mix, and on the other side the word “History”.

The security man insisted that some people see these kinds of protests differently and that he was just doing his job.

One of the women confronted the employee and assured him that his sign did not feature any sort of violent protest.

So far, the administration of the mall has not issued any statement in this regard.

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